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About Me

Marco Piringer, BSc
Osteopath in training

Already at a young age it became clear to me that my professional path would deal with the human body. The fascinating complexity of the human organism and the variety of resulting forms of therapy have always fascinated me. 


After my civilian service as a paramedic, I began my physiotherapy studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Krems. There I gained a profound knowledge, which I then wanted to put to the test in practice. I traveled to various European and Asian countries to broaden my horizons regarding different therapy approaches.


By expanding my empirical knowledge and practical skills, I felt ready to enter the professional world as a physical therapist. My first professional station led me to Caritas in Vienna, where I not only developed my therapeutic skills but also gained important socio-pedagogical experience.


After I felt I had learned everything there was to learn in my previous job, I ventured into self-employment. I was mobile around Vienna and was based in the 2nd district of Vienna. 


As I found my feet with my new job, I reached the limits of my learned skills for the first time. I realized that I had to continue my education and deepen my knowledge. In doing so, osteopathy came to mind. It had only always been something I wanted to explore and one of the original reasons why I had decided to study physiotherapy. But only now did it really seem to fit into my active professional life.


During my studies I also started an additional job in a therapy center of an elective doctor in Ober St. Veit, where I can still be found.


Looking towards the end of my master's program, the opportunity for this great practice in Vienna's 7th district has arisen and I am very much looking forward to welcoming you to this location!

Degrees & Further Training

2014 | Basic Course Kinesiology Taping | K-Taping, Vienna, Austria.

2015 - 2016 | Volunteer at "MoveOne" | Multiprofessional movement project for refugee children and children with special needs in Vienna, Leadership: Katharina Fux, BSc PT

2016 | BSc Physiotherapy | University of Applied Sciences IMC Krems, Lower Austria, Austria

2018 | International Fascia Research Congress, Berlin | Participation in the congress and a fascia dissection course

2019 | In progress: MSc Osteopathy, currently 4th year of training | Vienna School of Osteopathy, Vienna, Austria

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