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Psychosocial Counseling &

Tara Marth, MA

Psychosocial Counselor

Clinical Sexologist

Psychosocial counseling is....

competent support





unbiased help


professional support


Currently only available in German

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Possible topics for counseling

Online Counseling

Online Session via Zoom

The classic online counselling session. After successfully booking the session, you will receive a zoom link that you can click at the agreed-upon time.  

You will need: a laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access, microphone and ideally a working camera function


Advantages: You can be completely flexible!

Appointments can take place during your lunch break or in the evenings and on weekends.

You don't have to travel - the session takes place where YOU want it to.


You can also book online - no muss, no fuss.

Counseling via Phone call

After a successful booking via contact form, email or phone call, you will receive a direct phone call from me at the agreed-upon time.

When booking, please indicate that you prefer a telephone counseling session.

Please note that this type of session is only possible for Austrian numbers.

NEW: Email-Counseling

Some people find it easier to get their thoughts and feelings down on paper (without time pressure) rather than discussing them in person.

If you would like an email consultation, please contact me directly. I will then send you further information.

In-Person Counseling Session

The classic, personal consultation takes place directly in our practice at Spittelberg in 1070, Vienna.

You can find more information about the premises here.

Advantages: You have a protected space where you can relax away from your perhaps hectic life. It can sometimes help to consciously travel to another location in order to be able to talk openly about problems.

It also gives you that "personal touch".

You can also book online - no muss, no fuss. 

Walk / Coffee & Talk

Walk & Talk - Especially when the weather is nice, we can meet and go for a walk in one of Vienna's countless parks. Sometimes it's easier to talk about problems when you're moving.

Coffee & Talk - A meeting in a coffee shop is also possible. Please note that I cannot guarantee that the conversation will not be overheard by other coffee shop patrons.


If you prefer one of these options, please book the session via email, call or contact form. ​ You have the option of paying by bank transfer or in cash.


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